The life changing moments

There is magic in holding a photograph. When you hold a print in your hand you have the ability to revisit memories, to immerse yourself in a time since past… to not just see the moment captured but to feel the emotion wrapped around it.

When I look at the photos taken during the first few moments of my daughter Ariana’s life, my memories become tangible. I remember holding my daughter’s hand for the very first time, her tiny grip wrapped around my one finger. Her hair was so silky and she had the biggest eyes. She was perfect in every way.

I recall the long nights rocking her in my arms, singing softly to her, praying for even one hour of sleep. The days felt like they flowed seamlessly one into another. The nights felt like they went on forever; but as I sat quietly in the dark lulling her back to sleep, I willed myself to remember this moment. To feel the weight of her in my arms, breath in her new baby smell and to remember the way she moved her lips while she dreamt.

Mother and daughter look at photographs together.
Photo Credit: Kim Lyn Photography
Photo credit: The Ewings

As a parent my photographs are my treasures, they are the magic that transports me back in time. For my daughter… our photographs are a testimony to how loved she is. They are the pages of her very own story, a story about love, family and laughter.

Remembering the good times

A year ago I sat in a class room, with a group of photographers discussing the power of print. The instructor posed a question: “Think about a photograph you own, that means the most to you. Why does this photo matter so much to you?” Right away a mental image of a small wooden frame sitting on my bureau, came to mind; The photo inside it was not taken with a professional camera, it was not perfectly composed or even color corrected. It would never win any awards, and yet this photo came to my mind when I was asked to think about the most important photograph I owned.

My Nana was a wonderful woman, she was a wife, and mother to seven children and a grandmother to 14 grandchildren. She was an avid gardener, her vegetable garden and Koi pond were her pride and joy in her later years. I have so many wonderful memories of perusing her gardens with her and picking fresh green beans and Sumer squash. I loved helping her feed her fish and watching her big boy Charlie, a 12 inch Koi swim up to accept the food from her hands.

When I look at this small snapshot in time, I see the smile on her face and can almost hear the reluctant complaint to not take her picture. I can hear birds singing in the trees above and the sound of the crickets on that hot summer afternoon. Holding this picture and I can feel the memories pouring in, reaffirming the love I have for this woman who has since past. I hold this photo and I know the power of print.

Framed photo.

Leaving a legacy

When I sit with my clients and design their albums, I know that the images that fill the pages of their books will mean more to them with each passing day. I know that their love story will live on and come alive with each turn of the page. I am honored to craft such a meaningful family heirloom for them, something that is designed to honor not just their love but their legacy.

Wedding albums.
Wedding album designed by Shannon Matos Photography.
Wedding album designed by Shannon Matos Photography.



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