this is going to be

Timeless and vibrant wedding imagery for the joy-filled couple in love

The best part about your memories is making them! 

Relax and enjoy your day, we've got you covered! 

You’ve heard it before, the best day of your life is going to go by in the blink of an eye! You deserve to soak up every golden moment... to be fully present,  to laugh until it hurts and to dance like no one is watching! 

Our specialty is in providing you with exceptional service, while mindfully capturing the story and the vibe of your big day. We understand the magic is in the moments and promise to help you enjoy every one of them! 

On your wedding day we show up with more than just our cameras... 


our  whole heart s


of it

at the

Fixed  many an up-do

Helped mom into her Spanx

Stitched a pair of pants

Assembled an impromptu boutonniere

Lent a coat 

Chauffeured the bride and groom

Whether you need someone to carry your train, hand you a tissue or wrangle your family for photos, we’ve got you covered! Think of us as professional wedding party members, we're here for you, for what ever you need!

Being “there” for our couples is what we do best.

You’ve got a friend in me

  • Provide a relaxed and refined experience that will make you look as amazing as you feel. 

  • Guide you through the planning process, designing a timeline that supports the day of your dreams. 

  • Work Thoughtfully + Intentionally + and Efficiently, keeping you at the center of your celebration... where you should be. 

  • Showcase your venue and it's beautiful surroundings in a way that highlights the things that made you fall in love with it. 

As a Husband and Wife who's been in your shoes, we are dedicated to taking care of you the way you deserve.


Together we will...

It's personal

We believe in taking the time to really get to know you and what matters most to you. This allows us to approach your wedding day with intentionality and hearts ready to serve. This also means we might tear up a little during your vows, or hug you a little too hard when it’s time to say goodnight!

Being emotionally invested in your day means that your pictures will not only be beautiful they will be undeniably you.

"Thank you for not only perfectly capturing our wedding day, but also being the presence I didn't know I needed on that day! It felt like you were meant to be a part of the day...Thank you for giving us pictures we will look back on forever with so much happiness and love!"

Mekenzie & Tyler 

When we see the father of the groom who’s battling cancer, twirling his grand-daughters around on the dance floor or the Bride sharing a dance with her grandmother with dementia who is luckily having a "good day"... We know these are more than moments, they are precious pieces of a legacy, and we are capturing them with the deepest love and respect in our hearts.

We understand the moments we are capturing will become treasured memories someday.

Hourly Wedding Day Coverage

Expert Lighting

A Private Online Gallery for Download & Print Release

Complementary Album Registry

Most collections include a second photographer & Engagement session.




At Salt and Stone Photography we are passionate about providing a deeply personalized experience to each of our couples, delivering images that are as timeless as your love story and an experience unlike any other.

Investment begins at $4900

salt + stone 

We believe in finding your perfect match…You found each other didn’t you?
 We want to be sure that we’re a match for you too, after all we are going to be beside you on one of the biggest days of your life! To ensure a high level experience, that is deeply personalized, we limit the number of weddings we accept each year. This allows us to take the time to get to know you and what matters most to you. The couples we work with tend to value similar things, scroll through to see if we might be a good fit. 




Their wedding day wouldn't be complete without portraits outside in front of a swoon worthy backdrop. 

The S+S couple has a refined style and appreciation for natural elements.


While their details and decor have been thoughtfully designed they are most excited about enjoying candid moments with their family and friends. 

They believe moments matter most.


They want to be in the moment and look to their trusted team of professionals to take care of the rest. 

When their big day finally arrives their main goal is to enjoy every minute of it.


You'll catch them stealing kisses throughout the day and at the center of the dance floor all night!

Our couples are kind hearted and know how to have a good time. 


We only work with a select amount of couples each year, so it is important to us that we are a good fit for each other. Getting to know you is the first step (and it's one of my favorites)!

We love getting to know our couples. Learning about your story and what's matters most to you is the first step in working together. 

We are genuinely interested in YOU. We believe in your story, your relationship, and your vision is unique. Getting to know you beforehand, allows us to capture your wedding day in a way that is personalized to reflect what matters most to you.

step ONE

You have your dream venue secured. Now it's time to find your photographer. 



This session is an opportunity for us to work together before the wedding day, it allows you a glimpse of what it will be like to be professionally photographed together before the biggest day of your life. Similarly it allows us to learn even more about you. This session helps us learn to capture your unique chemistry in a way that authentically reflects you. Most importantly your Engagement Session is designed with you in mind, this is a time for you to escape the pressures of wedding planning and just enjoy being engaged to the love of your life! 

step two

The Engagement Session is our first experience making magic together! 



Your Engagement session was so fun! But now it's time to get down to planning the details of your day and we are here for you every step of the way! 

No two weddings are the same, your personalized timeline will be built to ensure that your wedding day is stress free, and allows for all the wedding coverage you desire. 


step three

Every S&S couple receives a customized wedding day timeline.



Rest assured the one thing you don’t have to worry about is your wedding photography. We are there to ensure that your wedding day is not only documented beautifully but that you are completely taken care of. Whether your need help with carrying your dress, a bobby pin for your hair, or you just need help wrangling a rowdy crowd for that special family portrait. The S&S experience is all about being helpful when needed and blending in when it’s time to capture those quiet candids.

step four

This is it! The day you have been waiting for.



You can expect your wedding images approximately six weeks after your wedding day. We invite you to cozy up with your other half, pop some bubbly, and make an evening out of viewing your images for the first time together.


step five

Reliving your happiest moments all over again, and experiencing new ones that you never knew happened.



The laughter that is shared between friends, the tender moment of a tear rolling down a cheek, and the look on your fiancés face when they see you for the first time, are all part of a greater narrative. This is your story and it is worth preserving. We believe you and your loved ones deserve more than just digital files… We want to help you preserve your legacy… to provide physical evidence of a life well lived. Your albums and wall collections are designed to be impactful pieces of art, that serve as reminders of what matters most in your life. They are meant to be held, flipped through and passed down. Most of all they are designed to be transporters of time, breathing life into moments since past.

step six

Your wedding photos are more than just moments captured... 

what to expect

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Happy tears, full-belly laughs, and meaningful moments you recognize as memories in the making.

We can't wait to help you capture & preserve your love story!
Here's to joy, laughter and happily ever after! 

May the good times be filled with all the best things...

Here's to finding your life partner! Together you and your best friend will embark on the greatest journey of your lives. 


a toast