Marina and Zach met the first day of their Sophomore year in High School. Zach had just transferred from a school in Pittsburgh PA (to play hockey on a Boston-based team). During 2nd period Studio Art he saw Marina sitting across the room from him and it was love at first sight. Their relationship began as friends but Marina and Zach quickly became high school sweethearts. They shared their first date in the North End in Boston at Giacomo’s. It was bitterly cold that particular night but they kept warm all night chatting in the cozy little restaurant! Marina recalled one particular ride in the car when Zach casually asked “do you think we’ll get married?” to which she replied without hesitation “yes!”.  


Newport quickly became their favorite get a way from their day to day lives in South Boston. The December of their engagement they planned to stay the weekend in Newport at the Vanderbilt Hotel. They checked in on December 11th and Zach suggested getting a coffee at the hotels bar. When the coffees came, he took Marina and their beverages into a private room where they sat on a cozy couch in front of a fire place. He asked Marina if she wanted to take a picture in front of the fireplace. Up until this point, Marina had not suspected anything, but when she noticed he had left his cell phone on the couch when getting up to take the picture she became suspicious.

When he got in front of the fireplace, he faced Marina and proposed! A hidden photographer was ready to capture the moment. (Good man Zach!) Of course she said yes before jumping into his arms. To Marina’s delight Zach had really thought of it all, and surprised her with a brunch that he planned with all their family and friends.


Planning an Engagement Session in Newport was an obvious choice for these two, but we knew we wanted it to be something truly special. We coordinated with Captain Green from On Watch Sailing in Newport RI, to plan the perfect sunset cruise for Marina and Zach’s session. Andrew and I met them Down Town first, and we explored some of the historical streets around Queen Anne’s Square before heading to the Wharf to board the Lyra for their private excursion. Champagne was popped and our adorable couple set sail across Newport Harbor. The sunset that evening did not disappoint!


The big day came on July 9th, 2022 and our ocean loving couple celebrated with their family and friends at the beautiful Belle Mer on goat Island, Newport. You can view their wedding story here.


Marina what do you love most about Zach? “I love his confidence and ambition. He is so self-assured (without being arrogant) and outgoing, which is something that I am not so I have always been in awe of how he carries himself sometimes. With respect to his ambition, since we have known each other since high school, I have watched him set goals for himself over the last 10 years and achieve all of them only to then set an even higher goal and achieve that. I love how driven he is and how passionate he is about what he is working toward.”

Zach what do you love most about Marina? ” I admire her kindness and how much she cares about me and others that she loves. She has made me a better person. I admire that she is humble… I admire how the simple things make me her just as happy as a grand gesture.” 

Marina what three words would you use to describe Zach? “Fun-Loving, Confident, Passionate”

Zach what three words would you use to describe Marina? “Kind, Thoughtful, Sweet”.

What do you like to do together for fun? “We were both college athletes, so we still are very active and like to start the weekend with a workout. After that, we will usually go out for breakfast/lunch as we really like to try new restaurants together. We enjoy going for a walk around the downtown areas–it is usually the Seaport in Boston.” “If were heading out for the night we’ll grab a drink with friends or just stay in an sit on the couch and watch a movie together.”

What is the most important photograph you own and why? “The most important photograph I already own is of our proposal. It is a recent addition, but cherished. It captures the pure joy that we both felt in that moment, our truest reaction and also marks the moment in time that we took the first steps toward forever together. When we look at it or show it to others, I remember all the wonderful things I felt in that second and it makes me recall what he said. I can relive the memory over and over.”

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day? “We are looking forward to officially being married! We think the moment at the ceremony when we both first see other knowing that we will be leaving as the new Mr. and Mrs. Phelps will be a very special one!”



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